Security of Tenure

Ingoing contribution at Anchor Point Village.
Anchor Point Village is operated on a Loan Lease agreement which means that you make a loan to Anchor Point that is similar to a purchase price of the unit and the Village then grants you a long term lease on the unit of your choice.

Anchor Point will charge you a management fee on the lease and you are also responsible for your water, elctricity and telephone useage charges. 

We advise discussing the Anchor Point proposal with your legal or financial advisor.

Do I pay any fees such as council rates or body corporate fees?
All these fees if applicable are included in your weekly management fees.

Do I pay for utilities such as water, power and telephone?
All utilities are payable by each resident at Anchor Point.  Each home features meters for each utility required by the each resident and residents are billed separately for their individual usage. In some instances we are able to secure significant discounts for residents due to our purchasing power at the Village.
How do I sell my Anchor Point home?
You are free to sell your home at Anchor Point at any time, although you must give the on-site manager written notice as detailed in your agreement. You can sell your home through the Anchor Point sales team, via a local real estate agent or by yourself. Again this is detailed in the Resident Agreement.
When you have sold your Anchor Point home, a new lease will be granted to the incoming resident by the Village manager.

Can you help me sell my current house so I can move to Anchor Point?
Anchor Point has a list of recommended licensed agents in the local area to help you with your needs. 

We recommend a longer settlement (60-90 days) to ensure your Anchor Point home is ready for your arrival. Our sales and management team will liaise and assist you and your real estate agent (if required) to coordinate this function so as to minimise disruption to your move.

What are your deceased estate policies?
We trust our residents will enjoy a long and happy life.  In the event of the passing of one of our residents Anchor Point implements the following policy to assist residents & families

  • The onsite manager will also review the financial situation of the resident’s home and offer the deferral of payment of site fees until the home is sold. When the home is sold, any site fees that are accrued plus a management charge will be deducted from the proceeds of sale. Beneficiaries will then receive the proceeds from sale of the home.
  • If after a period of time the unit is not sold the responsible beneficiary is able to instruct a selling agent of their own to be involved in the sale process.

Are there any Deferred Management Fees (DMF's)?
As is the case with almost all Retirement Villages across Australia whether purchased under a loan lease arrangement or in some other fashion, there is invariably a cost that is payable when a resident leaves the Village. Anchor Point is no different in this instance. 

In reality the cost of your initial purchase into the Village is kept to a minimum so as to keep with the philosophy of making resort style retirement living affordable at Anchor Point. The flow on effect requires that to enable financial stability and on going capital improvements and maintenance of the facility and the business the DMF's are used to benefit all residents and users of the Village.

To understand the calculations better please contact us for more information and also discuss this with your family and trusted legal and or financial advisor.