Living At Anchor Point

What are the age requirements?
At Anchor Point, residents should be over 55 years of age. in the case of couples their combined age should be 110 years.  Work status, either working or retired, is not a condition of entry.

What are the security arrangements?
The Anchor Point site features video surveillance and boom gates giving the community a good level of security and peace of mind. There is a manager and regular staff on site and a 24/7 call system for emergencies.

What happens when I go on holidays?
Simple let the Village manager know your holiday dates and we will arrange for your mail to be collected and any visitors noted. As always we will keep an eye on your home in your absence.

Can I have visitors?
Yes. Your family and friends are very welcome to stay with you at your home at Anchor Point and there are no additional costs.  Further details are contained within the Residents Agreement.

Can my guests use the Anchor point facilities?
The swimming pool and spa areas are for the exclusive use of owners.  However, your guests are welcome to use most of the Anchor Point facilities when accompanied by an owner.

What about health services?
Anchor Point is only a few minutes drive away from Warrnambool CBD where you will find hospitals, doctors, dentists, pharmacies, Medicare and other Government health services. Any mobile community service providers such as visiting doctors, nurses will be made welcome at the village by checking with the site office upon arrival.

Whilst not yet finalised it is envisaged that the Village will have regularly visiting GP, Pharmacuetical and allied health practitioner services.

What is the pet policy at Anchor Point?
We ask that residents consider the impact having a pet will have on neighbors and the local community but we recognize that family pets are an integral part of many resident’s lives.  Therefore we have a guideline that recommends small pets over large pets, no off the lead walking at any time, noisy pets restricted to inside the home and pet owners take general care with their pets in the site surrounds. This is detailed further in the Resident Agreement and a copy of our pet policy can be obtained from our showroom.

How is mail delivered?
Each home has its own mailbox. Australia Post and contracting couriers deliver residents’ mail to your mailboxes. 

What about caravan, boat or trailer storage?
Anchor Point features a storage area for trailers, boats and caravans. Please enquire about available spaces and the nominal costs involved.

Is public transport close by?
Public transport is approximately 5 minutes walk away and Anchor Point operates a community bus funded by the Village committee and Anchor Point. The community bus is available to take residents and their visitors to the shops, bowling or golf club and other local venues.

There are bus routes nearby and it is envisaged that there will be a new route that will travel past the Village gate in the near future.

Who maintains my home?
You are responsible for the interior maintenance of your home and rear gardens of your home.  We do ask residents to ensure that their home is maintained in keeping with the community standards to ensure the enjoyment of other residents and visitors.

Who maintains my lawn and garden?
Anchor Point manages the maintenance of the lawns in the front of all homes. Owners are responsible for maintaining their garden beyond this point. Anchor Point can also recommend either onsite or offsite contractors to look after your garden.

What can I add to my garden?
Almost any plant or decoration can be added to your garden provided your addition is consistent with the Resident Agreement.

Can I make alterations to my home?
Anchor Point aims to build a community that maximizes the enjoyment of its residents and visitors so we have guidelines in relation to the exterior of your home and the manager must approve any façade changes. However, internal changes are possible in line with the Resident Agreement and will require approval by the manager.